External cladding

OIP specialise in the over-clad (external cladding) of static caravans & lodges, there are 3 main materials currently used for this

  • Vinyl
  • Artefoam
  • Canexel

The vinyl over clad of static caravans is a process of over-laying foil bubble insulation that is also used as its membrane, moisture if there will run down the back of the cladding or via the cladding’s drainage system and out. By leaving the original construction of the caravan the foil bubble & vinyl cladding becomes an extra insulation, it also looks aesthetically better & as the planks are interlocked resolves the issue of leaking panel joins on the aluminium type.

The vinyl comes in several colours from Canada and has a 50-year warranty.

The overclad of wooden lodges can be done with two differing products

Artefoam – artefoam exterior pvc-ue foam cladding uses the latest technology to bring benefits to the end user by way of lower noise transfer, no maintenance, better insulation and high durability.

The robust and lightweight artefoam board design adds strength to the overall structure and provides a better insulation value than other common alternatives, critical in today’s environmental-conscious age.

Canexel – canexel prefinished cladding is produced from wood fibre, resin, and wax fused under pressure. This engineered wood cladding is highly stable, as well as highly resistant to moisture. It also helps optimise our forests’ yield by making the most of technological advances. In short, it does more with less…naturally. Moreover, canexel cladding is finished in the plant, resulting in durable, easy maintenance products with all the beauty and nobility of wood. Both products are nailed over the existing timber.

Lodge Before & After